Research Project

Nomadic Furniture III

Research team: Martina Fineder, Thomas Geisler, and Sebastian Hackenschmidt



Mobile Hospitality

chmara.rosinke, MAK-Designer-in-Residence 2013

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design new strategies

A Cooperation of MAK & Vienna Business Agency, creativ center departure
In the newly developed formats departure/ MAK d>link, d>lab, and d>nite, renowned international design experts will enter into an exchange with representatives of Vienna’s creative industry to interrogate, challenge, and shape relations between design, industry, and society. Different events will provide an opportunity of looking out together for new
possibilities, interfaces, cooperations, and, eventually, fields of activity.



Nomadic Furniture Revisited

Archive Talk with James Hennessey and Alison J. Clarke
Thu, 13.06.2013 6.00 pm