Add To Favourites - work in progress

Malika Fankha

Tue, 15.02.2011, 8.00 pm
Recent occurrences provided the inspiration for the two MAK NITEs of 15 and 22 February 2011, both of which will focus on how artists deal with the flow of information and with intellectual property law on the World Wide Web.

The solo performance “Add to Favourites,” conceived for Malika Fankha, poses the question as to authenticity and its status. “Like. Dislike.” We comment on everything. We click on links, we add bookmarks, and we compile lists of favorites. We don’t dream up stories—we search the Internet. We don’t wait for information—we ask our smart phones. What to do with this constant flood of knowledge and ideas? Can we simply use and exploit it? Is anyone still asking who originally produced it? In a playful manner, Malika Fankha shows how “social sharing” can be employed as the basis for a performance work. What happens when the performer exits the creative process and restricts herself merely to ideas’ execution?

DJs Bono Goldbaum, Florian Kåltstrøm



© Michael Macek

Holíč Palace, Slovakia

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