MAK/ZINE #1/2012

THINGS: plain & simple
The occasion for the second MAK/ZINE is provided by three MAK exhibitions on the same subject that are being shown in parallel. THINGS: plain & simple is understood as an artistic and cultural-historical plea for the ideals of plainness and simplicity of form.

Contributions by Elfriede Jelinek and Detlev Schöttker as well as Sebastian Hackenschmidt, Christian Höller, Fatima Naqvi, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Elisabeth Schmuttermeier, Johannes Wieninger, interviews Jasper Sharp / Doris Krüger and Simon Rees / Jan Norrman, German/English, 144 pages, MAK/Volltext Vienna 2012.


Video2051: Smart Life in the City

Hannes Langeder, Ferdinand GT3 RS

Thu, 11.06.2015–Sun, 04.10.2015