MAK Collection

Textiles and Carpets Collection

Curator: Silke Geppert
The holdings of the MAK’s collection of textiles, which is one of the foremost textile collections in the world, cover the time from Late Antiquity until today; they encompass the globe with works from nearly all parts of Asia and Europe, and even South America. The collection is a comprehensive material archive reflecting the artistic, technical, and economic developments of this special field throughout the last 1,500 years. This richness of the material archive gives it a unique capability of illustrating the multifaceted, international cultural interconnections that have developed over the centuries.
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Book Art for Children in Vienna 1890-1938
Published for the exhibition of the same title (7.10.2009–7.2.2010)
MAK Studies 17
104 pages, numerous illustrations
21,2 cm x 26 cm, paperback
out of print