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Exhibition Opening ELIGIUS AWARD 2022Lilian Naomi Mattuschka, body ornaments from the series Volatili/Birds (photo series Communication), 2016 © Lilian Naomi Mattuschka

Exhibition Opening ELIGIUS AWARD 2022

Jewelry Art in Austria
iCalTue, 30.8.2022 7 pm
Opening Weekend III at the MAK Geymüllerschlössel© Jojo Gronostay
Jojo Gronostay

Opening Weekend III at the MAK Geymüllerschlössel

iCalSat, 3.9.2022—Sun, 4.9.2022

MAK Geymüllerschlössel

Filmvorführung Salz der ErdeFilmstill Salz der Erde © MAK

Filmvorführung Salz der Erde

Schöner Wohnen oder die Zerstörung des Wohnsarges, 1971 und Metro, 1970
iCalTue, 6.9.2022 6.30 pm8.30 pm
René d’Harnoncourt and The Art of InstallationRené d’Harnoncourt and The Art of Installation Front Cover

René d’Harnoncourt and The Art of Installation

by Michelle Elligott, Chief of Archives, Library and Research Collections, MoMA
iCalWed, 7.9.2022 6 pm
Please registerRené d’Harnoncourt and The Art of Installationfollowed by drinks and conversation 

MAK Lecture Hall
Entrance: Weiskirchnerstraße 1 (opposite the Stadtpark)
Free admission with registration
The talk is held in English.
The MAK invites you to a lecture by MoMA’s Chief of Archives, Library and Research Collections, Michelle Elligott, on the seminal MoMA director René d’Harnoncourt, born in Vienna in 1901 and one of the most influential figures with regard to exhibition design and innovative curatorial approaches.
René d’Harnoncourt—artist, curator and director of The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) from 1949 to 1968—is widely known for his conscientious and revolutionary approach to curating and exhibition design. A deep love for the work of art coupled with a talent for drawing, but above all his self-developed method for installing exhibitions made d’Harnoncourt, who had arrived in the New World as an “Austrian nobleman chemist,” an extraordinary exhibition organizer and museum director. 
His unique approach to installation design and display shaped a methodology that has influenced how exhibitions are organized to this day. Starting with meticulous drawings of the objects to be exhibited, he then considered exciting groupings of and dialogues between the works. His detailed “vistas”—elevations of the galleries—aimed to conjure in advance the viewer’s perspective and experience in the space. 
The lecture will showcase d’Harncourt’s life and career from his birth into an aristocratic landowning family in Austria, to his formative years in Mexico, and his career as an exhibition maker and museum director in New York. Furthermore, it will illustrate his approach to exhibition installation and highlight some of his most memorable shows, which often presented art from outside the Western canon—an approach which still seems very timely today. 

Logo MoMa New York
MAK Design Nite 2022© Design in Gesellschaft
Vienna Design Week

MAK Design Nite 2022

MAK Menu
iCalTue, 20.9.2022 7 pm11 pm
MAK ON TOUR to the Josef Hoffmann Museum, Brtnice, Czech RepublicJosef Hoffmann Museum © Kamil Till
One-Day Bus Trip

MAK ON TOUR to the Josef Hoffmann Museum, Brtnice, Czech Republic

On the occasion of the exhibition presenting the results of the MAK Design Camp (2018/19) and NDU Workshop (2022)
iCalSun, 25.9.2022 8.30 am
Please registerMAK ON TOUR to the Josef Hoffmann Museum, Brtnice, Czech Republic
Destination: the Josef Hoffmann Museum, Brtnice, Czech Republic
A joint branch of the Moravian Gallery, Brno, and the MAK, Vienna 


8:30 a.m. Departure from the MAK, Vienna 
11 a.m. Arrival in Brtnice
From 12 noon Exhibition opening followed by a buffet
2 p.m. Guided tour through the exhibition and the Josef Hoffmann Museum,
afterwards free time at participants’ disposal
3:30 p.m. Departure from Brtnice
ca. 6 p.m. Arrival at the MAK, Vienna
Cost: regular € 59, reduced € 53 (with MAK Annual Ticket or MARS, and for students under 27 and persons 65 or older or with a valid pensioner’s ID)  
Includes transport, museum admission, visit to exhibition, and guided tour of the Josef Hoffmann Museum
Tour guide: Rainald Franz, Curator, MAK Glass and Ceramics Collection

Results of the MAK Design Camp (2018/19) and NDU Workshop (2022)

Within the framework of the INTERREG Project Bilateral Design Networks: Design Innovation from Early 20th Century Modernity to Digital Modernity, completed at the end of 2019, a proposal was developed for a Design Camp in the Josef Hoffmann Museum. 
The goal of the Design Camp was to provide new accessibility to the cultural heritage bequeathed by Josef Hoffmann to Brtnice and to revitalize the specific function of his birthplace as an abode of creativity through an Artists in Residence program for selected Austrian and Czech students. Concepts were developed for educational programs, for seating furniture reflecting Hoffmann’s design philosophy, for replanning the garden, and for restructuring the museum’s forecourt. The nine completed projects, presented in an exhibition at the MAK in October of 2019, will remain in Josef Hoffmann’s birthplace as part of the museum’s collection.
In addition, the exhibition presents work on the interface between spatial and visual design created by students of interior design and visual communication at the New Design University (NDU) in St. Pölten. Within the framework of the INTERREG Project ATCZ264 – JH Neu digital / JH Nově digitální / JH New digital, the students this year systematically examined the canonical forms and creation and manufacturing processes behind Josef Hoffmann’s design prototypes, as well as the cultural and social environment in which these arose. Central to the students’ work is the continuation of Hoffmann’s canonical forms and methodology into the present—the creation of patterns processed, extended, and thus transformed into contemporary terms, using both traditional craft skills and the latest media technology (3-D printing, silicone molding, film, VR).
The exhibition and event are part of the INTERREG Project ATCZ264 – JH Neu digital / JH Nově digitální / JH New digital and are co-financed by the European Union (INTERREG Project V-A Austria – Czech Republic) and by state funding provided by the Czech Republic.


Heritage Day 2022Tag des Denkmals

Heritage Day 2022

iCalSun, 25.9.2022 10 am6 pm
ORF Long Night of Museums 2022MAK Columned Main Hall © Johannes Hloch/MAK

ORF Long Night of Museums 2022

iCalSat, 1.10.2022 6 pm—Sun, 2.10.2022 1 am

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