Results of the Jury Meeting for 2023/2024

Category Architecture

4 April 2023 – 19 September 2023 
Simona Ferrari (Italy) 
3 October 2023 – 19 March 2024 
Bianca Gamser (Austria)

Category Fine Arts

4 April 2023 – 19 September 2023 
Céline Brunko (Switzerland) 
Philipp Fleischmann (Austria) 
3 October 2023 – 19 March 2024 
Evan Ifekoya (United Kingdom) 
Anna-Sophie Berger (Austria) 
Replacement Category Architecture: Anna and Arthur Koenigshofer (Austria) 
Replacement Category Fine Arts: 
Abdul Sharif Oluwafemi Baruwa (Italy) Leonie Kellein (Switzerland)

The jury’s statement

From 298 projects handed in from 46 countries, two from the field of architecture and four from the field of fine arts as well as three replacement projects were chosen unanimously.  
The jury was delighted by the large amount of applications and their high and international standard, which highlight the meaning of the Scholarship Program supported by the BMKOES. In a wide range, the projects address current socio-politically and ecologically relevant topics in Los Angeles and California, which live up to the exploration and development of location-specific formats. The artists and architects selected from the younger generation work in an interdisciplinary way, with multiple media, and discuss climate change, urban space, diverse communities, or what is mythical about architecture. 

The jury again placed special emphasis on the constellation of the groups of scholars during the six-month stay. The exchange inspired in this way has already in the past proven to be a productive impulse for the further development of the young artists and architects.   

Vienna, September 2022
Jury, MAK Schindler Scholarships 2023/2024 (from left to right):
Lilli Hollein (General Director and Artistic Director, MAK), Susanna Koeberle (journalist, author and curator), Maruša Sagadin (artist), Tereza Kotyk (film director, author and curator) und Harald Trapp (architect and sociologist) © Aslan Kudrnofsky/MAK