Groups of various sizes are very welcome at the MAK! At our main address on Vienna’s Ringstraße, we offer introductory tours of the permanent exhibitions as well as guided tours of current exhibitions at a time of your choosing. 

Number of participants
min. 4 up to max. 15 persons
Costs for Private Tours
4 to 6 persons € 15 p.P. plus admission
7 to 16 persons € 90 plus admission
School groups up to 16 persons € 50 with free admission

Information and Booking

Protective Measures: A FFP2 mask must be worn during the entire visit to the museum. Tours require headphones. Please provide your own (3.5 mm standard connector) if possible. 

Themes & Topics

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The highlights of the MAK collection offer insights into various collection and exhibition areas. Past and present merge in an astonishing journey of discovery.
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Educated at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts and employed at the WW by Josef Hoffmann, the women designed fabrics, fashion, home accessories, toys, and commercial art and, in addition, also took over the field of ceramics where they were able to work purely artistically. Furthermore, they also developed exceptional murals for interiors—be it flats, restaurants, or exhibition spaces. Although highly recognized at their time, the women artists were mostly forgotten after the end of the WW. A tour through the exhibition on the women artists of the Wiener Werkstätte—who have often unjustly been ignored.
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Reimagining Shared Planetary Futures
in context of the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2021
PLANET LOVE. Climate Care in the Digital Age 
The exhibition recognizes and examines CLIMATE CARE as a key concept and vision for a world that humans share in a just and sustainable way with other species and future generations. It demonstrates through a wide range of art, design, and architecture projects how artists and creative minds can play a central role in shaping an ecologically and socially sustainable Climate Modernity. The MAK education team takes you on a voyage of discovery through an inspiring panorama of ideas, processes, and narratives on key areas of life and activity.